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Pikeville Smiles Dental Center
Dr. Marvin T Bush and Dr, Gregory H Bentley, Pikeville KY dentists

Welcome to Pikeville Smiles!
Dr. Bush, Pikeville KY dentist

Master, Academy of General Dentistry

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation

American Dental Association

Kentucky Dental Association

Mountain Dental Association

Dr. Bentley, Pikeville KY dentist

Academy of General Dentistry

Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation

American Dental Association

Kentucky Dental Association

Mountain Dental Association

Marvin T. Bush, DMD
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Gregory H. Bentley, DMD
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Pikeville KY dentist - Dr. Marvin Bush, DMD and Dr. Gregory Bentley, DMD
As an LVI graduate, Dr. Bush has participated in advanced cosmetic education courses and can provide patients with dental care that not only maintains the health of their teeth, but that can also have a dramatic affect on their overall appearance. The progressive techniques practiced by Dr. Bush, such as using metal-free material called IPS Empress, have elevated the standard for cosmetic and restorative dental care.

Pikeville KY dentist Smile Makeover

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We're glad you are visiting us on our web site. We have detailed information about Cosmetic dentistry, Orthodontics ("braces"), and lots of information to address some of the typical questions we hear about common Conditions and Procedures. Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive dental health care information available from any dentist on the web!

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cosmetic dentistry, Pikeville KY Dentist
Cosmetic dentistry isn't just for the movie stars! New techniques allow us to reshape your smile with minimal changes to your natural teeth. See our Cosmetic Dentistry page to see how subtle changes can make a dramatic impact on the way you look and feel.

dental implants Pikeville KY Dentist
Modern Dental Implants allow us to recreate your natural smile. Dental Implants and Mini-Implants can be used in a broad range of situations, from replacing a single tooth to providing secure anchors for dentures.

orthodontics Pikeville KY DentistRecently invented brackets and new techniques make orthodontic treatment faster and more comfortable than ever. Straightening teeth takes only about 1/2 as long as it did just a few years ago. Click here for details!

Sometimes Instant Orthodontics can be used to quickly correct mild to moderate problems. Click here to learn more.

halitosis, bad breath Pikeville KY DentistHalitosis means Chronic Bad Breath.

It can also mean social, personal, and professional embarrassment.

Did you know that most halitosis is caused by bacteria in the mouth? In most cases, a visit to your dentist is all that's needed to begin simple, effective treatment to cure halitosis!

Click here to learn more.

payment and insurance options Pikeville KY Dentist

Put off payment, not treatment.

Find out about the many different payment options available for you.

handicap access Pikeville KY DentistHandicap accessible.
teeth whitening Pikeville KY Dentist

Would you like a whiter smile?

Click here to find out about the most effective treatment available to brighten up your smile!

For In-Office bleaching, we utilize the advanced Zoom! light-activated process. Click here to learn more about Zoom!

snoring Pikeville KY DentistIs somebody snoring in your house?

One-third of the population snores. Chronic snoring often leads to sleep apnea which cuts off the flow of oxygen to the brain and can lead to serious health problems. Spouses and other family members also suffer from disrupted sleep cycles.

Now a simple mouthpiece can be used to stop snoring in most cases. Click here to learn more.

tmj tmd Pikeville KY DentistTMJ is an acronym for temporo-mandibular joint, which is a fancy way of saying jaw joint. TMJ problems include a popping sound and sensation near the jaw joint. That's why some patients refer to TMJ as "That's my jaw!"

If you suspect that you have TMJ problems, click here to learn more or Contact Us for an appointment.

Did you know that a healthy heart starts with a healthy mouth? Click here to learn about recent findings linking gum disease to heart disease.
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From the desk of Dr. Bush:

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