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From the desk of Dr. Bush:

Dr. BushAdvanced Posterior Esthetics Course

A continuing education course in Advanced Posterior Esthetics that was held in Las Vegas, Nevada was attended by Dr. Marvin Bush on May 1-4, 2002.

This was a course on restoring posterior (back) teeth to their full function and health while being conservative and esthetic (tooth colored material). This was a hands-on course involving treatment of a patient during the course. Accompanying Dr. Bush was Laura Kendrick, Sharon Stewart, Dr. Ronald Hall, and Jessica Hall. Dr.Ronald Hall was Dr Bush's patient throughout the course and Laura Kendrick (an assistant for 9 years) assisted Dr. Bush.

The course was taught by Dr Ron Jackson DDS, FAGD, FAACD. He is considered a world expert in posterior reconstruction and esthetics.

In this course we learned the latest technique, materials and lab techniques to create excellent posterior restorations. These posterior restorations are more conservative than full crowns because they require less tooth preparation. Although they can't be preformed on all teeth; a large number of teeth that are presently being crowned can possibly be restored with more conservative techniques.


The course was very educational as to the various newest types of materials that can be used in this procedure. Some of the new materials were:

  • Sinfony (a tooth colored laboratory cured resin)
  • Bellglase (a tooth colored laboratory cured resin)
  • Cristabal (a tooth colored laboratory cured resin)
  • IPS Empress (tooth colored porceline)

This is only one of the many courses that Dr. Bush attends each year in an effort to obtain new information on the latest products and newest procedures to make your dental visit more comfortable and make sure you receive the best in dental treatment.

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Keep flossing!

Marvin T. Bush, DMD

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